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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  February 17, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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navy vice admiral declined the offer. u.s. officials said he was deciding between the call of duty and white house dysfunction and basically said he would choose to pass. a senior administration official tells me that was not the case, this was exclusively about family and that he made the decision for his family he wouldn't be able to do this. in terms of where this white house goes now, president trump did tweet earlier saying kellogg is in the mix to potentially stay on permanently. he said there are three others being considered. i do know from a white house aide that among the names that president trump has been considering are the former cia director david petraeus, the retired general keith alexander and finally jim jones, the retired general who formerly served as the national security adviser to president obama.
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>> hang on for one minute. kasie, we're just getting word that senator mitch mcconnell is holding a rare press conference with the media. kind of unusual for this to happen on a friday and not hear in that typical weekly news conference he usually holds. >> reporter: he's usually pretty regimented, doesn't talk much on camera except specifically booked interviews. i do think it's likely the focus today will be on cabinet nominations. you've seen democrats talk through the night tonight about scott pruitt after that judge in oklahoma ruled that they have to put out his e-mails by tuesday. democrats are now saying, okay, if we're going to get all this new information on tuesday, why are we confirming him on friday? that vote's still proceeding. mcconnell tried to move a batch of nominations, clincluding rya
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zinke en masse and that's likely to be the focus. we have not heard mcconnell respond to that press conference the president held yesterday. i bumped into him in the hallway after that press conference concluded. he said at the time he had not seen it. >> top of the next casey. stick around. i want to talk to you about republicans on the hill who apparently didn't watch the president's press conference. let me go back to peter. what's interesting is that we're seeing a little bit of the campaign trump, candidate trump versus president trump. he held that lengthy news conference yesterday. it was like shades of the campaign trail. he's got a kind of campaign rally tomorrow and he heads down south tomorrow getting out of the white house a little bit. what's at stake here? >> we're hearing marine one
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behind us. the president expected to take off shortly if he hasn't already. we we know today he's going to make a stop in north charleston, south carolina. it is a boeing campus. boeing so tvoted against unioni. it's good news for the company, not as good news for the employees, certainly back at its site in washington where it has a huge plant and campus. we've heard the president will be meeting with the ceo of boeing. the president has been critical of him -- >> will this be awkward? >> there are no cameras allowed inside. we'll try to get a better
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understanding. >> do you see the message that by many accounts got the president elected or are they focusing more on the intel community? is it more about what's happening about the national security adviser and the fallout on the flynn challenge? >> they want it to be about the former but it's continuing to be about the latter. as they continue to be mired in these series of controversies, it's hard to focus on what is this administration's agenda. we were told by the president and this was a piece of news that was sort of buried in all the other elements of that at times jaw-dropping, free wheeling 77 -minute news conferences the fact in a next week he's signing an executive order on immigration in response to the court. they want to take actions that gave the appearance of a lot being done. the agenda has sort of in effect
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stalled in the eyes of a lot of people that are advocates of this president. >> phil rucker has been standing by patiently from "the washington post." michael flynn said he did not talk sanctions with the russians. walk us through this. lying to the fbi is not legal. what do you see coming of this? >> clearly there are a lot of legal questions to be answered here. it's a great bit of reporting from my colleagues. they found that flynn did not disclose that he talked about sanctions in that interview with the fbi. there's a way he can sort of wiesel out of it, if you will and deal with the definition of sanctions, what was the conversation about? if the fbi determines that he lied to them, they can press charges that he would be legally vulnerable at that point. but it's all tbd right now.
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>> phil, talk us through, too, how you feel the fallout coming with flynn, his adherence to security procedures, et cetera. government review of his conduct of classified material? what's up? >> possibly for sure. we're also going to see senate and house investigations. he's going to probably be called forward to testify on the hill. that could get messy. he's got some legal trouble hoar and some exposure. i think he's going to be preparing for that. so the flynn controversy, if you will, is really not over with his firing. this is going to continue on for many weeks and maybe even months. >> phil rucker, thank you much. hang out for a second here. i want you to weigh in and you, too, peter, about what kasie's about to tell . i know you were chasing down folks on capitol hill as you often do. talk to us in terms of investigations and the reaction of the white house.
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>> investigationwise we are in roughly the same place as we were yesterday. the investigations are still proceeding in the house and senate intelligence committees. democrats are still calling for a 9/11-style commission. elijah cummings wants to introduce a bill along those lines. he says he has a republican co-sponsor. we did get a series of on-the-record comments from the president of the united states about where things stand along those lines. that's one piece. now, more broadly, this news conference and on capitol hill while it was going on, i was in communication with members, aides in both parties. from what i can tell everybody was glued to what had been going on, watching this press conference, kind of marveling at it as it unfolded with their jaws on the floor. i tried to catch up with some members -- the house left for
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their recess yesterday so everyone was kind of streaming out of the house chambers back to the offices to go catch airplanes back to their home districts. i talked to almost 20 of them and almost to a person democrats i asked, hey, if you had one word for that trump news conference, what would it be? they were very quick with words like terrifying, prayer. i did run into a couple democrats who had not seen it. all the republicans i talked to with the exception of one member said, well, sorry, i haven't had time to look at that press conference. i think you're starting to finally hear from some republicans today, they're being asked about it, though a lot of them are saying i didn't watch it. mitch mcconnell, as i said yesterday, i ran into him in the capitol shortly after the news conference, he was coming back into the building and it was close enough, it had just ended, he seemed a little relieved to
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say i hadn't seen that. >> it seems as though kasie at the capitol is sitting on one of the stories of the year. how do republicans in congress deal with what's happening offer at the white house and what's going on with president trump? maybe mitch mcconnell has had a chance to catch up on that press conference by now, 24 hours after it happened. phil, what do you think his reaction is going to be, what are you hearing? what are you seeing? how do republicans navigate this in the short term and the long term, too? >> most people watching that news conference were frankly horrified by it, but it's exactly what trump is trying to do, stir up his base and appeal to supporters. and the performance that maybe the senators and senate leaders thought was appalling was invigorating for his supporters.
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he's saying whatever he believes, facts be damned. he's trying to reach and to his base of supporters to try to support him. >> i think phil is right. you talk about that and it's that adulation that sort of fuels donald trump. we all on this seen were there for those campaign llies. this were huge and he was energized by them. and what's notable is that in addition to some of the business of the day over the course of this day as he heads down to his property in mar-a-lago ultimately, tomorrow he's going to make a brief detour to melbourne, florida for a big rally they're planning. he's saying we have huge crowds, massive crowds. this hasn't happened yet. it will be in an area where they're struggling. it will be to his advantage to
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stand with the people who love him most. >> next time we have this conversation, let's do it over beers. peter referenced taking that trip over to charleston. there's air force one, ready for president trump. we'll bring it to you live as soon as he departs. and we saw reince priebus reacting to the president's news conference. you'll want to hear it. and we'll be joined by a former white house speech writer to get his thoughts on how effective the president has been in getting his message out. >> this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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i think i do a pretty good job but i can't do anywhere near what president trump can do. there's no person better to speak for president trump than president trump. >> that's reince priebus saying the best message for president trump is president trump. what does that mean for the newly announced white house press second and his control. >> peter thanks for joining us here. >> thanks for having me.
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>> let's start off with that comment from the chief of staff, that the best messenger for president trump is president trump. do you think that's right? is that correct? >> well, yes and no. he's the best messenger in the as soon sense that he reflects what's in donald trump's mind and he's the worst messenger in that he reflects what's in donald trump's heart and soul. the problem with a trump administration is donald trump himself. they can do all they want to try and contain him and to civilize him and to keep a dysfunctional president from turning into a dysfunctional presidency, but in the end i don't think it's going to work. the president has shown time and time again he's uncontrollable and we're seeing it in the first several weeks of himself presidency. >> so given that perspective
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from you, draw on your experience as somebody who knows a lot about the communications department. put us behind the scenes when it comes to his team of advisers in terms of panic mode. is it effective? is it let trump be trump? >> it's such a dysfunctional white house. i think you have certain people like miller and bannon who are thrilled with trump being trump and i think there are others like reince priebus and senators and others in the white house who are horrified by it. that's the problem. they're not on the same page. there's a kind of fight for the soul of this administration. again, in the end these aides can fight all they want but trump will do what he wants to do, and i suspect what he wil d end up wanting to do and he will do is act in a way that we saw
7:18 am
him yesterday, which is combative, disorganized, chaotic and i don't think that's going to change. it's very interesting, watching that press conference, you can see there's a sort of psychic satisfaction that trump gets from this enmity. >> he's likes the foil. it's something our reporters have faced from the trump campaign for a while. >> i've been a republican my entire life. they kept thinking he would chang, pivot, become more presidential. there's nothing about his history that would indicate he's going to that. but we saw yesterday and wre going to see again and again and again and it's going to be amplified and i expect as his approval rating goes down, he's going to get worse, not better and lash out even more than what we've seen so far. >> a lot of the press conference centered on him going after the
7:19 am
media, but there are some real policy eissues at play. these are all the thanksgiving -- things we should be talking about. the president called his possible contact with russia, quote, ruse and a scam. would you have written that language into a presidential speech had you been a sweepeech writer or is that language from the president problematic? >>problematic. that was improv by trump. he laid down markers will the connections and nonconnections in his world with russia. it's a big story and may the end decapitate the trump presidency. we know there was contact with russian intelligence during the election and russian weighed often the election against
7:20 am
hillary clinton. the question is whether there was collusion. that's what we don't know. there are a lot of dots out there and now it's about trying to connect them. >> i want to get your take, should sessions recuse himself? >> i haven't thought about it enough. my bottom line here is you just need a real honest investigation, a y hav to set up the procedures and and rat to us put that into place. if you can do that with jeff sessions there and he doesn't have to recuse himself, fine. i think we're going to have to try and explore this. this is going to come from not the trump administration but from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and key leaders of the relevant committees in congress. they're going to have to push hard for this because the truth matters. it matters -- party matters more than partisanship. there's a lot there that's troubling on the face of it, on the surface of it.
7:21 am
they just have to find out what's there. >> peter, thank you for joining us this morning. speaking of mitch mcconnell, we're looking ahead at his news conference about 40 from now. and james mattis was talking at the annual munich conference. we're headed live to germany. and we're talking about the plot to go after target stores. stopped in its tracks. what thwarted that elaborate plan with when we come back. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way!
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let's get a quick check of the morning headlines we're following. that bizarre plot to put explosives in target stores all along the east coast has a florida man under arrest this
7:25 am
morning. mark barnett alleged lly planne to put the devices disguised as food products on the shelves. why? this was all an attempt to tank company stock, letting him buy it on theheap before it rebounded. >> after years of worrying about no rain, folks from l.a. are getting ready for the powerful storm system. three to six inches of rain is expected around l.a., 6 to 12 inches probable on those foot hills and mountain slopes. >> and raids overnight arresting dozens of suspects in connection with a deadly suicide attack thursday. this was thursday' frantic scene right after after that attacker killed workers at a shrine. isis claimed responsibility saying it targeted that shi'a gathering. today is day two of the g-20
7:26 am
summit in germany where secretary of state rex tillerson is making his debut on the world stage where a meeting with sergey lavrov got a little bit tense. matt, fill us in. >> thank, hallie. secretary of state rex tillerson has indeed left the building. it's been a busy few days for him in the sidelines of the g-20 conference in bonn, germany. now the former exxon mobil ceo is back to the u.s., but not before a flurry of a dozen different meetings that pressed on some of the most pressing and controversial issues that he has inherited from john kerry. tillerson met with his russian
7:27 am
counterpart, sergey lavrov. tillerson apparently asked lavrov to back off. tillerson has sounded cautious when it comes to cooperating with russia. he's basically saying he wants them to step away from the front lines and call off their dogs when it comes to fighting with the west in ukraine. ti tillerson also met with his chinese counterpart. his trip was part of this flurry of european controversy. secretary of defense james mattis put the nato alliance on notice in a conference in brussels yesterday, telling his counterparts they need to increase military spending and mike pence is attending a security conference in munich where he'll meet angela merkel and then head to brussels.
7:28 am
>> big trip for the vice president. defense secretary james mattis also in munich today. he talked a little bit ago about cooperation between nato and the european union just one day after mattis in a meeting with those nato allies rejected the possibility of more military ties between the u.s. and russia. lucy khavanov has more for us. >> reporter: jim mattis did finish speaking just a few moments earlier, he used more of the stick approach there in emphasizing the need for allies to pay their fair share. there was more of a carrot approach. he said a lot of soothing things about kmerk's commitment to european security. he said the reality is america security is permanently tied to that of europe and president
7:29 am
trump fully supports the nato alliance, he said especially related to the threat of the arc of threats. this was very much a welcome message to a room full of security, foreign policy, defense officials who were eager for clarity. this is going to be a difficult trip, not on for jim mattis but vice president presence. the europeans have been watching with some concern this seeming chaos that we have seen unfolding in the white house. it do it does put president trump's foreign policy team in a difficult position. it does make them wonder whether they speak for one voice with donald trump. it raises a lot of questions
7:30 am
that vice president moike pence was clearly kept out of the loop of a major national security issue for two weeks. it raises questions of whether he says will be said by donald trump. >> lucy kafanov, staying busy there in germany. >> this is the senator from alaska. why is he talking here? well, this is the hearing for scott pruitt, the president's pick to lead the epa. remember that the senate has been in a talk-a-thon essentially about this pick. we're getting words that there will be a vote in about 90 minutes from now on a democratic motion to delay the vote on scott pruitt. this was called for by oregon senator jeff merckly. looks like another battle for one. president's cabinet choices.
7:31 am
and we're also talking about action at the white house. did you catch this, one of the more contentious exchanges between him and april ryan? watch. >> are you going to include the congressional black caucus -- >> i will. do you want to set up the meeting? >> no, no, no. >> are they friends of yours? >> ear going to be joined by congresswoman brenda lawrence, a member of that congressional black caucus to get her reaction to the exchange after the break. hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. mhm, lisa. you roasted this? uhuh... n't. introducing smartmade by smart ones. real ingredients, grilled and roasted using the same smart cooking techniques you do. you own a grill? smartmade frozen meals. it's like you made it. and you did... n't.
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considering the pragmatic impacts its decisions has on welcome back to msnbc.on you are looking at on one side of your screen the senate floor where action is happening on the confirm's of scott pruitt to lead the epa. and on the other side, jeff merkley and others are trying to delay the vote on pruitt. we do expect action on that sometime in the noon hour. remember, right before that we're going to hear from the republican side with senator mitch mcconnell expected to speak with reporters at 11:00 and. so in about 25 minutes from now. we do think he's going to be discussing the delay attempt by democrats. friday fireworks on the hill. we're bringing it to you live. and we're talking about the fireworks between president trump and reporter april ryan.
7:36 am
the white house has requested a meeting with the cbc, not done via the reporter. representative cedric richmond saying president trump would be wise to tap into the decades of expertise held by the congress an black caucus. joining me is brenda lawrence of michigan, a member of the black caucus. april ryan called it a moment. susan rice called it offensive. what is your reaction? >> i watch with great concern as i have with other lack of demonstration of leadership from our president. when i heard him say "do you know them, " as if we were some abstract group, are they your friends? here's some facts we need to know about the black caucus.
7:37 am
there are 49 members of the black caucus. we represent almost 80 million people in america and 17 million of those 80 are african-american. so if you are going to have a dialogue or talk about african-americans, it would seem that you would talk to the people who directly can give you advice and advise you and really give you the concerns and issues in the black community. and another thing that's very telling is he speaks about us as if we're all just one suffering, depressed group. you know, the facts are 39% of african-americans live in suburbs and 25% live in rural america. so when you talk about the african-american community, we don't all live in one condition. do we have challenges in the african-american community? absolutely. but, mr. president, you would really grow in your leadership if you took advantage of the
7:38 am
fact, recognize and learn the legislative body of this government. >> so he says he wants to, right, he says he wants to have this meeting with the congressional black caucus. the congressional black caucus already has an agenda for this meeting even in advance of it getting on the schedule. what are your top one or two priorities for discussion with the president? >> criminal justice reform is extremely important and education. the selection of betsy devos, i am from michigan, i know firsthand her policies and the impact of her vision of charter schools and private schools getting vouchers. i understand that. and if one thing, if we as a community of minorities, of african-americans, of immigrants in this country, it's education is the power of our success. it's the power of building our country. and if we fail in educating our
7:39 am
children, some who doesn't han' the resources of others, we fail as a country. education, criminal justice reform. we occupy prisons at a higher level per capita than any other group in america. we we need to have some real clear discussions and you know on the streets with all of the discussions about lives being lost to gun violence, let's have a discussion about gun violence, which repeatedly we've sat in, we've protested and asked for common sense gun controlecause it is a crisis in our community. these are things we need to talk about, economic development and jobs. >> we will see when that meeting happens what gets talked about. congresswoman brenda lawrence from michigan, thank you for joining us here. >> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up, we're separating fact from fiction from the marathon news conference yesterday. chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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common side effects include init's time for you to make the cocalls,ptoms, so call your doctor to see if myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. so we made it to friday and you know what that means. not just happy hour but our friday fact check the president's news conference still making news, even today. that laundry list of accomplishments and scolding the media. >> a new graphic. >> huge. >> listen to this. >> we got 306 electoral college
7:44 am
votes. we we got 306 because people came out and voted like they've never seen before. i guess it was the biggest electoral college win since ronald reagan. >> biggest electoral win since reagan. our colleague checked him. >> that's thosely false. this is a land slide. peter alexander pressed him on this. he says, well, it was only 304 -- >> why should americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive as being fake when you're providing information that is fa. >> actually, i've seen that information around. >> totally false anderhaps a bit concerning, passing the buck and saying, listen, i was just
7:45 am
given the information so i'm not really held responsible for it. >> one of the things that the president said got him elected was the jobs and the economy. that's also something that we've heard is about the stock market. >> the stock market has hit record numbers, as you know. >> true, false? >> this one's true. the stock market is killing it. listen, we don't know exactly why, but part of what could be going on here is the regulations, he signed an k an executive order that for every one regulation that's new, two are out. >> and something else he likes talking about, his poll numbers. >> a new rasmussen poll came out and did has our approval rating at 55% and going up. >> does rasmussen have it at
7:46 am
55%? >> yes, it does but it's a right-leaning poll. gallup is pbably a little more accurate. same similar numbers here. this is a bit like an onion. the more you peel it back, the more it stinks. then you have this, "any negative polls are fake news, just like the cnn, abc, nbc. this is like to peter alexander's back and forth. anything negative is automatically fake news? >> well, friday fact check. get ready for next week, too. you'll have seven days to think about, watch, digest. >> we are prepping to watch president trump leave washington, d.c. this is a live look at air force one.
7:47 am
we expected to see the president departing from charleston, south carolina. from there it's on his way down to mar-a-lago for a trip that will include in florida a kind of campaign-like rally. there is marine i. when we come back, we're going to talk to some of the people that put president trump in office. those trump supporters and what they say about the climb that the media is doing a great disservice to the american people. or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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take a live look at president trump climbing the steps of air force one. he's getting ready to head to south carolina before making his way to mar-a-lago. he's joined by his advisory team, including acting national security adviser keith kellogg, who we saw with the president during the break. we're going to bring you more about the president's trip in just a bit. also coming up, we were sitting here in new york, earlier today taking you live reports from washington but we're going to get outside of those bubbles for a bit. we're going to head to cedar rapids, iowa to our friend vaughn, who caught up with trump supporters all across the country, places like kentucky, like indiana. vaughn, i think one of the important things to talk about is how people who supported the president during the campaign,
7:52 am
the trump army, as his campaign would have called it. how are they feeling about it now? as you're making your way across the country, what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning, hallie. i was driving through indiana, illinois yesterday on my way to iowa, i'm in cedar rapids now. i pulled off on the side of the highway in waynetown, indiana, a town of 1,000, stopped at the lol grocer. it happened to be in the middle of the press conference yesterday. it was very much of a separate reality in being based in d.c. versus this western arizona town. we have some sound and we'll play and talk about it on the other side. >> they put out what wants to be heard. you can only go by what the president, what comes out of his mouth. >> i don't know what to trust anymore. it's not black and white like it used to be. >> i believe a lot of them aren't out to see -- they're not
7:53 am
out to do what's necessarily right. they're out to bring in numbers. >> like on russia, do you think that's blown out of proportion? >> i think it's definitely blown out of proportion. >> reporter: hallie, over the course of these two weeks, it's gotten to the point where people are beginning -- trump supporters specifically are beginning to come to the terms with the fact that there is such thing as real news, that these are facts, particularly with russia, things that are becoming undeniable, michael flynn, his resignation was part of this. but what ultimately donald trump and what we saw in the press conference yesterday, is when people say, yes, they're beginning to be a little buiit concerned about, for instance russia, they believe the people on the left are trying to delegitimize his presidency. >> vaughn, a man on the road. thank you much. it's important to talk about this with some folks who know a little bit about politics.
7:54 am
joe watkins and let me start with you. let's acknowledge that trump supporters do not make up -- the people who voted trump into office aren't the majority of americans. when you hear one woman say she'll only go by what the president says himself, how do you respond to that from sort of a gut level take? >> what i say is it's one thing if youre still in campaign mode. it's nice to hear people say they support you when you're running for office. but what matters now is we're in governing mode. from the standpoint of governing mode, the press conference yesterday was a terrible press conference. it doesn't anything to build confidence with the senate. these are folks on both the house and senate side he's going to have to work with if he wants to get items on his agenda moved
7:55 am
forward. i don't think the conference did anything to build support, republican or democrat. >> chris, take the advocate's tact here. was there anything product about the press conference in your view? >> yeah, in terms of him solidifying his base of support, the press conference was exactly what he wanted. the second thing is if you want to basically distract from the other bigger issues that he has in terms of -- whether it's russia, whether its dealing with the economy, whether it's dealing with the fact that his cabinet is a mess, his administration is chaotic, getting into a fight with the media is for him and his staff, i imagine it's gold today. it's a terrible message to the country. it was an embarrassment i think in terms of what a president should be doing regardless of party, but again i think one of the things i think people have to kind of keep in mind is he operates, you know, president
7:56 am
trump operates from a different paradigm. he does not care. and we keep trying to think or believe that he does. he doesn't. he looks at in terms of speaking to his base and distract people's attention. from that perspective, if you judge it by that, his press conference was a success. in terms of any other normal human standard of governing, it was a disaster. >> both of you have touched on something that i think is key, and that is the reaction from the people in congress. i want you to listen to this, both of you. >> reporter: can you react one word to the president's press conference? >> i didn't get to see it. >> reporter: one word reaction? >> terrifying. >> unfocused. >> i didn't see it. >> lecking.
7:57 am
>> unbelievable. >> i didn't see it. >> embarrassing. >> i haven't got to watch it yet. i was in a committee hearing. >> reporter: your one-word reaction to the president's press conference? >> prayer. >> i heard it was entertaining. >> i've been in a chair for the past two hours. >> growth and tax reform and getting the economy going, which is obviously more than one word. >> in just a little bit we expect to see mitch mcconnell to talk about cabinet nominees and the delays he feels of these confirmations. is this mitch mcconnell trying to shift the focus away from what the republicans didn't watch yesterday and democrats did and, two, instead the idea of members of congress and the minority dragging their feet? >> i think if you're mitch mcconnell, you adon't want to focus on yesterday's press
7:58 am
conference. it made nation ns and it hasn't been good news. if you watch pt the reaction, n of the republicans want to talk about the press conference. the president didn't do himself any favor with the house and the senate and he has to work with them to get his plans through. mitch mcconnell is shrewd, he knows how to talk to the media and americans and knows house to talk to his caucus. i have no worries with how he handles it today. >> chris, the president is taking his message on the road tomorrow, back down in battleground, florida, because 2016 never ends. do democrats have a plan to counter that? >> one, the president is going to continue his double-think approach, to kind of change what reality is. and going to his, if you will,
7:59 am
to his base, talking to supporters feeds him so that's not going to change. the bigger challenge for the democrats is not to get so swept up into being so anti-trump obviously that they're not putting out and communicating a message. there's 47 months to go before the next president is inaugurated but you still have to start formulating, communicating that countervision. and it's really easy with someone like a president trump with his positions, with his rhetoric to get really caught up in it. up still have to have a countervision to combat that. >> chris kofinis and joe watt conditio -- watkins, thank you. also on monday i'm co-anchoring with my pal craig melvin. >> that's right. i'm looking forward to it.
8:00 am
>> right now on msnbc, president trump on his way to north charleston, south carolina. he'll be visiting a boeing plant there. that factory in south carolina has been at the center of a national labor battle for years now. what the president's visit will say about his stance on manufacturing jobs and unions as well. also happening right now, a renewed effort to delay the vote on scott pruitt, the president's pick to run the epa. we are live on capitol hill for the latest on that battle. that has literally gone on all night. plus the fallout continues from that 77-minute bizarre, combative must conference. we'll hear from congresswoman sheila jackson lee on the president's remarks, including how he handled questions about the congressional black caucus. good friday morning to you. i'm craig melvin coming to you from


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